The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills

A group of unlikely heroes starting from humble beginnings are slowly entangled in the machinations of various world powers. As the Wheel turns and the events of the Wheel of Time come to pass the adventurers are drawn deeper into the changing of the world.

The Third Age as it is known by some is heading towards the breaking of the World. The stories of the Dragon Reborn have been told for generations. The occasional False Dragon every generation causes war and strife before he is captured and stilled by the Red Ajah or simply killed on the battle field. However in the previous year there have been four new False Dragon’s alone.

Known only to a handful of people the real Dragon has been Reborn. Foretold to both save and break the world, differing sides of the conflict are emerging, all working to their own agendas.

The Heroes destiny is up to them.

Prophecies of the Dragon

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