Kilvar Family

The Kilvar Family has been the ruling Noble house for the past few generations. They are quite well liked by the towns folk as the family is quite generous and shrewd enough to negotiate good trade conditions for the town.

The recent flare up between Tarabon and Arad Doman has taken its toll on the town. Trade has fallen off due to the increase of banditry and tension. Included are more stories of False Dragons and Darkfriends throughout the country side.

To try and shore up the failing trade the Kilvar Family has reached an agreement with a large merchant family from bandar Eban. The Antos family has agreed to marry off their youngest daughter, Mika Antos to the young Lorwyn Kilvar.

The Antos family is hoping to expand their sphere of influence through the region with this marriage while the Kilvar family is happy to let them strengthen their ties into Bandar Eban.

Kilvar Family

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