Sean's Tale


On Scarp Lane, in a temple quarter of shadowed alleys and grand shrines. Its neighbors include the Shrine of White Light and a large public square.


The inn is a large two-storey timber framed building, with a white tile roof. A collection of fine tapestries hangs on the walls. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woollen mattresses.


The innkeeper is a tall male halfling named Ephes. He once was an Adventurer however he has long since given up on that path. He cashed in his treasure and is happy to live his dream of running a small village Inn.


Roasted Pheasant and Blue Cheese, Tankard of Mead (12 cp)
Baked Boar with Cinnamon and Buckwheat Bread, Glass of Cider (3 sp)
Stewed Goose and Leek, Tankard of Bitter (9 cp)
Boiled Crab and Leek, Tankard of Ale (10 cp)
Roasted Eel with Clove and Pinenut Bread, Glass of Port (1 sp)

Sean's Tale

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